Check-in procedure on HiSky flights is available both online and at the airport.

Online check-in:

The online check-in facility is available for all flights operated by HiSky airline. Online check-in is available starting 24 hours up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

The boarding pass is accepted both in electronic or printed format.


We inform you that due to international restrictions regarding travel conditions, on the following HiSky international flights:

  • from Chisinău to Dublin/ Paris/ Moscow/ Frankfurt;
  • from Cluj/ Iași/ Satu Mare to Dublin/Paris/Lisabona.

You can perform check-in services online, but the issuing of the boarding pass is restricted. You can take possession of the boarding pass at the airport at the check-in desk, where formalities for international flights are performed, immediately after the check-in staff verifies the existing and the compliance of all travel documents.

!!! This measure is determined by the requirements of the authorities from the destination countries, which request that the airline has to verify additional documents.

Airport check-in:

Check-in starts 2 hours and closes 40 minutes before departure time. At some airports, check-in may be open 3 or more hours before the flight, but the closing timescale remains the same.

The cost for check-in at the airport for tickets in Basic fare is 10 euro.

For Classic / Premium / Premium Plus fares, check-in at the airport is free.

The check-in at the airport is recommended for the following types of passengers:

  • Unaccompanied minors;
  • Passengers traveling with pets (transported in the cabin);
  • Passengers with special requirements (Wheelchair);
  • Passengers from group booking.


You need to be present at the boarding gate no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The boarding gate closes 15 minutes before departure time.

IMPORTANT! For certain international destinations, before arriving at the airport, it is MANDATORY to fill in the online forms requested by the authorities and to show at the check-in point the confirmation code. For more details, please access the "Covid-19"