TAKE-OFF SALE Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to take off to your dream destination at a super price!


HiSky is announcing 3 weeks of discounted prices for flights from Chisinau, Iasi, Cluj, Bucharest and Baia-Mare. The promotion starts on 19 January and lasts until 9 February. You have 3 weeks to book your ticket for flights available from 1 February until 28 September 2023.

You can travel from Chisinau to:

  • Dublin for €75.99;
  • Tel Aviv for €79.99;
  • Paris for €59.99;
  • Frankfurt for €59.99;
  • Milan for €39.99;
  • Venice for €39.99.

From Iasi to Dublin for €59.99.

  • From Cluj to
  • Dublin for €49.99
  • Tel Aviv with €49,99

From Bucharest to:

  • Dublin for €49.99;
  • Timisoara for only €29.99;
  • Cluj for €29.99;
  • Tel Aviv for €49.99;
  • Malaga for only €39.99;
  • Brussels for €59.99.

From Baia Mare to Paris for only 49,99 €.

Thus, the flight price list has been updated on our website www.hisky.aero, and tickets are already available for booking. We've decided to allow you to travel whenever you want, without the cost of tickets being an obstacle. In addition, you have the flexibility to choose the period of travel in 8 months, so that you can choose the date that best suits your holiday or perhaps even important events in your life that you would like to celebrate differently.

” We have always tried to be as convenient and as close as possible to HiSky passengers, and the promotions we systematically launch are nothing more than a small gesture of gratitude to those who access HiSky flights without hesitation. We like to be your reliable partner on every trip you organise, always respecting the highest standards and conditions, regardless of the cost of the ticket purchased or the distance to your destination. Together with our colleagues, we have made a selection of 16 journeys so that everyone can find the city they have dreamed of or planned to visit this year.” said HiSky's General Director, Iulian Scorpan.

The promotional prices shown above are for one-way flights.

2023 is HiSky's 3rd year of operation, in which the joint effort of the team has demonstrated responsibility, reliability and loyalty. In just the last year, HiSky's fleet has carried over 800 000 passengers, surpassing the 16 000 hours flown threshold and 9 new flights have been launched, taking off from Moldova and Romania.