Moscow is a cosmopolitan city loaded with history and culture, these days being sought especially for the combination of the nightlife that lasts until sunrise, tourist attractions and Slavic cuisine. Moscow has what to offer for everyone; an oasis of peace in its huge parks, a night of fun in the clubs located in the Red Square, an evening spent at the opera or ballet or the background of the famous St. Basil's Cathedral to take selfies.

Moscow’s winters are Russian fairytales: beautiful parks, squares and churches covered with fluffy snow, bright decorations that shine on the streets. Don't get intimidated by the cold temperature because if you don’t forget to take a thick jacket, warm clothes and waterproof shoes with you, you are ready to enjoy your holiday in Moscow.

The Russian cuisine mainly consists from fatty foods, such as country meat, lard and carbohydrates - caloric products needed to get through the cold winters. During the fun breaks you can head to the shopping malls in Moscow. Here you will find a wide variety of things, with decent prices for clothes made by famous designers.