HiSky launches regular flights from Chisinau to 9 destinations in Europe and Asia

Spring begins with... the desire to travel! HiSky announces the relaunch of regular flights from Chisinau International Airport. The company will operate flights to 9 destinations in Europe and Asia: London, Dublin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Paris, Tel Aviv, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Prices start at only 39 euros and are already available on www.hisky.aero and at our partner agencies. The operation of regular HiSky flights will begin on April 26, as follows:

  • Chisinau - Istanbul – starting at 39 euros (from 26 April)
  • Chisinau - Moscow - starting at 44 euros (from April 26)
  • Chisinau - London - starting at 49 euros (from 27 April)
  • Chisinau - Tel Aviv - starting at 69 euros (from April 28)
  • Chisinau - Paris - starting at 59 euros (from April 28)
  • Chisinau - Dublin - starting at 74 euros (from 28 April)
  • Chisinau - St. Petersburg - starting at 44 euros (from 29 April)
  • Chisinau - Lisbon - starting at 96 euros (from 29 April)
  • Chisinau - Frankfurt - starting at 49 euros (from May 1)

The general manager of the company, Iulian Scorpan, states that HiSky will also operate charter flights.

"I am glad to see a large number of agencies that are looking for us and want us to become their partners. This means that the demand of tourists is oriented towards new alternatives. Passengers want a different approach in terms of flying, meaning more safety and comfort", states Iulian Scorpan.

In turn, the deputy general manager, Victor Sula, draws attention to the fact that the pandemic restrictions did not stop the air flights, and the epidemic-sanitary requirements for the passengers are simple and natural.

"In 2021 we will continue to hear the echoes of the Pandemic, but we are glad that above all there is an international consensus that aviation flights should not be stopped. Of course, passengers have to follow certain travel rules but society has become accustomed to most of them. We have signals and reasons to believe that in 2021 the holidays and travels will become a way of life for those who love voyages", said Victor Sula.


HiSky was certified as a Moldovan air operator in January 2021 (AOC number MD-025) and as an European air operator - in December, 2020 (AOC number RO-074). HiSky provides passengers with tickets from Cluj, Iasi and Chisinau and operates regular and charter flights to several major destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. The full list of services the company provides or any other information about HiSky can be found on the website www.hisky.aero.