Book tickets to Dublin and you will discover an extraordinary city, where you will receive a warm welcome, listen to live music, visit historical objectives and enjoy the green spaces. The capital of Ireland is big enough to get lost, but small enough to manage to visit the places of interest on a weekend.

Whether you are interested in visiting cathedrals or churches, wander around Georgian squares and museums, or drink a beer from the famous assortments, you will notice that Dublin and its locals charm all the visitors.

Dublin is a small city, you can walk through it in one day. The weather there is very unstable, that’s why you should have in your travel bag different clothes. Even if you visit Dublin in summer, you should have a waterproof vest with you, in case it rains. Don’t forget to take an adapter for three-pin sockets and a smarthphone charger to immortalize all the beautiful moments.

You can indulge in savory dishes such as Irish stew, smoked salmon, Dublin Bay shrimps and traditional fish and chips. In the country of black beer, a big mug of stout beer is always a good idea