How high is the risk of flights’ cancellation?

Flights are canceled in the event of government restrictions imposed by the countries from / in which we fly. In 2020, most of the restrictions were categorical, making it impossible for many compatriots to travel. In 2021, the restrictions were mostly relaxed, and the flights began to return to a stable schedule. The forecasts of the organizations concerned show that in this year’s summer (2021), the aviation industry will return back to normal. Passengers whose reservations have been affected by any cancellations are informed as soon as possible, being offered a full refund or a voucher with the equivalent of the amount.

Please note that if you request a full refund, this process will take longer to complete because of the large number of requests we handle. Customers will be informed in a separate email about the required steps to get a bank transfer or a credit card reimbursement.

Passengers who have made reservations through travel agencies, including online ones, should contact the agency from which they have purchased tickets to find out more about the available options they have.

What are the passengers’ options in case of a canceled flight?

  1. Making a new reservation for another flight operated by HiSky on the same route or - if necessary - on a comparable route, at the earliest opportunity, depending on the seat availability, if there are no airport bans and no travel restrictions on airway in that country;
  2. Request a voucher for you or your loved ones, the value of which is equal to the price paid for the canceled flight;
  3. Opting to get a cash refund. Please note that this process will take longer (up to 60 days) because of the large number of requests we handle.

HiSky cannot notify passengers who have made their reservations through online travel agencies. The notification, in this case, must be made by the agencies from which the tickets have been purchased.

I have not received any e-mail regarding my canceled flight. What to do?

If you have made a reservation through a travel agency, you must contact the travel agency and they will be able to process your request. If you are not the holder of the reservation, you must contact the person who booked the ticket on your behalf so that they can make the requested changes.

The call center cannot be reached to change my reservation. How can I contact HiSky?

Our operators are active on all the official communication channels of the HiSky company: Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, website chat. If the waiting time on the phone is too long, please opt for a message on one of these platforms.

Also, to make the desired changes, we recommend that you click on the word "I accept" in the letter received by e-mail. This is the fastest way to make changes according to your needs.

I was notified to be a passenger on a flight with a confirmed case of coronavirus. What can I do?

Contact your local health authority immediately and follow the given instructions.

I assume I was a passenger on a flight with a confirmed case of coronavirus, but I did not receive any notification from the airline. What can I do?

Please note that if you are not the holder of the reservation, you must contact the person (travel agency) who booked the ticket on your behalf to find out whether or not they have received such a notification. If in doubt, contact your local health authority immediately and follow the given instructions.

Which countries have introduced types of travel bans or regulations?

The travel restrictions imposed by the government (COVID tests, forms to fill in, residence, etc.) are specific to each country and / or city and are constantly changing. Keep in mind that the severity and timing of these restrictions vary. It is the responsibility of the traveler to inquire with the local authorities about the travel restrictions in force in a certain country, in order to know that he/she is allowed to enter or leave that country. Also, make sure that your health condition allows you to travel and will not affect other passengers.

Do I need to fill out additional or pre-registration forms before the flight?

Some destinations require you to fill in online or print out specific forms and / or pre-check-in before you travel. Monitor our messages and check with local and government authorities and also the airport websites to see if filling in these forms in advance is necessary for your trip!

Filling in such forms could be a mandatory travel requirement. If you arrive at an airport without them or with the wrong forms, you may not be allowed to board and fly!


Passengers arriving in Romania from yellow or red areas must fill in an online statement, provided in Annex no. 3 to the Order of the Minister of Health no. 414/2020 on:

Passengers must present at the airport a filled in statement in electronic format – online or on paper. List of countries with high epidemiological risk on:

HiSky puts its passengers’ safety and health first, respecting all the measures / recommendations of the authorities. In order for your experience to be as pleasant as possible, please inform us in advance about the measures taken by the company, the authorities of the country from which you are flying and the authorities of the destination states.

These measures have been taken to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and are always updated on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travel conditions from / to the Republic of Moldova


Travel conditions from / to Romania