The first flight from Cluj to Chisinau


Today, October 14, HiSky operated the first direct flight Cluj-Chisinau-Cluj. Passengers reached their destination in just 50 minutes - a beautiful premiere for those who often choose the land route to travel between the two cities.

Among the passengers was a large group of tourists from Cluj who came to see Chisinau on its Feast day! On the way back, there were Bessarabians going to Cluj for work purposes, but also students.

"The air connection between Cluj and Chisinau is necessary and long-awaited. There are no other flights from Chisinau to the western part of Romania, although the flow of passengers is very high. By land, you have to travel mountainous routes, which greatly increases the duration of the trip. We would like to have a regular flight between the two cities, but airport taxes still make a difficult competition with the land transport. We hope that in the future we will find optimal solutions ", said Iulian Scorpan, the general manager of the Company.

The second Cluj-Chisinau-Cluj flight will take place on October 17. Tickets can be purchased at and at partner agencies.