HiSky's second aircraft landed in Chisinau on Tuesday afternoon (December 22, 2020) and was registered in the State Register of the Republic of Moldova under the national ER-SKY name. The A319 airbus has been painted in HiSky colors and will start operating flights early next year. The aircraft has 144 seats, all new and comfortable.

The registration of the aircraft in the State Register is the last stage in the process of obtaining its own air operator certificate issued by the State of the Republic of Moldova.

"2020 was extremely difficult for aviation, but we did not give up on our dream. We have adapted to the situation and reinvented ourselves on the way, turning challenges into opportunities. We started the HiSky project having other forecasts and I have to admit that the Pandemic turned all our initial plans upside down, but today's event talks about the fact that we deserved to be patient and also fighters. We are confident that 2021 will bring good news in terms of travel restrictions, so that our company can honor its commitments to passengers in a respectful way", said Iulian Scorpan, HiSky General Manager.

HiSky comes with a different approach to passengers - safety, comfort and expectations are a priority for us.

In terms of prices, HiSky will combine low-cost principles with a range of additional optional services for which passengers will be able to pay a fee. The launch of the flights is planned at the beginning of 2021. We will follow up with the exact details about the destinations, the flights’ schedule and the launch prices.

We remind that the plane came into the possession of HiSky following a contract with Air Lease Corporation - a leading company on the aviation leasing market, with an investment portfolio of over 22 billion USD. The A319-131 was assembled in 2004.


HiSky was certified as a Moldovan air operator in January 2021 (AOC number MD-025) and as an European air operator - in December, 2020 (AOC number RO-074). HiSky provides passengers with tickets from Cluj, Iasi and Chisinau and operates regular and charter flights to several major destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. The full list of services the company provides or any other information about HiSky can be found on the website

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) is an American aviation leasing company that purchases new commercial aircrafts through direct orders from Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and ATR, then leases them to airlines around the world. The company invests in the most modern technological aircrafts, efficient in terms of fuel consumption, in order to reduce their impact on the environment and to modernize the world fleet in the future. Air Lease Corporation is committed to operating led by the highest standards of social responsibility, environmental and ethical conduct and trusts doing business with companies that have the same standards.