„Bee's Careers 2021”


Have you ever imagined what it's like to have your morning coffee on the balcony of a panoramic hotel where you can see the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a cold lemonade at noon on the beach in Lisbon, and sweeten yourself with Turkish baklava on the crowded Istanbul streets in the evening? All this can easily become your daily routine. HiSky announces the recruitment program "Bee's Careers 2021". Apply now and become our flight attendant!

We are in the process of hiring on-board staff and we focus especially on people with no experience in this field. Before you get to know the employment requirements, let's do a little personality test:

  1. Could you pack your bags in 10 minutes?
  2. Could you turn your alarm into a reliable partner?
  3. Are you ready to start a new life rythm?
  4. Can you stay "on the ground" when you are at 9000 m altitude?
  5. Are you ready to be in the "ninth heaven" for hours, without losing the touch with reality?

If you got five of YES, go to the next stage. Here are the applying requirements with your CV:

  1. Minimum age: 18;
  2. Compulsory high school education (baccalaureate diploma), higher education is an advantage!
  3. Fluent in written, spoken English (from B2);
  4. Prohibited tattoos in visible places, including cosmetic tattoos on the face;
  5. The EASA license is a great advantage;
  6. Must be in good health, in order to successfully get the medical report.


  1. Minimum height: 165 cm
  2. Body weight should be proportional to height
  3. Communicable, responsible, dedicated and able to work in a team
  4. Ability to adapt to unusual situations

What do we offer? First of all - unforgettable sunsets and sunrises, and also:

  1. A competitive salary
  2. A stable job
  3. A friendly and multicultural work environment
  4. Career growth opportunities
  5. Discount flights and bonus flights (even for your family)
  6. New challenges every day

Interested candidates can send their CV together with 3 clear pictures (standing: (1) front, (2) side and (3) shoulder-length picture) at [email protected]