HiSki Company operates strictly according to national and international legislation and standards.

Company policy is based on the social, cultural, ethical and humanitarian values; on the effective management and the correct approach for the improvement of the services provided.

We plan to get involved in different projects that are not related to the Company commercial interests, i.e. projects that provide benefits to education, sport, culture, art, history, environment and social life.

HiSky’ staff work according to the company’s values, make the necessary efforts to solve the problems related to the quality of service and thus, to improve it.

For HiSky, safety and security count most. Security is an integral part of corporate values, that’s why the Company will always make the necessary efforts not to compromise it.

The leadership of the Company is a team of professionals, who ensure the successful and timely completion of flights, according to international standards of safety and security.

HiSky will constantly develop, taking into consideration, of course, the needs of our passengers related to the most popular destinations, new attractive offers etc.