HiSky announces the second flight line from Satu Mare


HiSky announces the launch of another scheduled flight from Satu Mare International Airport. It will operate races twice per week (Monday and Saturday) to Frankfurt, Germany.

The prices start at only 29 euros, and there are already available tickets on www.hisky.aero and at our partner agencies. The operation of the flight will start on May 1st and will be performed with an Airbus A-320 aircraft.

Frankfurt destination is a premiere for Satu Mare Airport, and the HiSky director states that the decision is part of the company's plan to reach as many airports in Romania as possible.

“The desire to travel from Satu Mare’s people has pleasantly surprised us. After launching the flight to Paris, our colleagues collected dozens of messages, comments, and requests from people asking us to launch other destinations. We care a lot about our relationship with passengers, and the new flight - Satu Mare - Frankfurt is the most sincere proof in this regard. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to include this flight in our schedule and we are sure that the news will be well received in the region”, said Iulian Scorpan, the HiSky CEO.

“For many years, the economic sphere and the entire community in Satu Mare longed for an air connection with Germany. Today, with the help of HiSky, which opens a new airline from us, the people from Satu Mare will be able to reach both partner companies and their family members in Germany much faster and more efficiently. The openness to Germany that we have shown since we came to the Satu Mare Council (see partnerships or twinnings with Germanian regions) and our desire to have access to the European financial center as soon as possible has come true through this project, of which our entire community will benefit”, said Mr. Pataki Csaba, president of the Satu Mare County Council.

In his turn, Mihai Pătrașcu, the director of Satu Mare Airport declared: “I am very proud that I included another important city to the list of destinations from Satu Mare. As the airport is the engine of the region’s development, I am convinced that this connection with Germany will add value to our county, but also to the neighboring counties, thus will better highlight our diversity, values and beauty.”

We remind that HiSky was certified as a Romanian air operator in December (AOC number RO-074). In February 2021, the airline announced scheduled flights from Cluj, Iasi, Satu Mare and Chisinau and charter flights from Cluj, Timisoara, Baia Mare and Oradea. The HiSky team consists of people with decades of aviation experience, graduates of the Romanian aviation school. Prices, services or any other information about HiSky can be found on the website www.hisky.aero.